Friday, November 06, 2009

the bruja's are beach'd!

well, after putting my jewelry online for all to see, we received such a huge response of warm wishes! thank you all! the bruja's are currently sitting in a high end beauty salon in huntington beach off main st. whooo hooo! how refreshing is it when u are able to create something that is so accepted and well received.
after making one of the most important life decision to stop doing stand~up comedy professionally, as an artist, u need an outlet of reality! and creating is my peaceful and inexpensive form of therapy! whether it's to journal a joke, making a piece of art jewelry, or scr~afting, there is such a zone, that happens! i love when u go to your creative space, and your imagination just takes flight, and everything else just doesn't matter anymore!
it's no surprise that 2009 has dealt us some tough & challenging situations, but fortunately, there are so many other women that are feeling the unbelievable pressures to perform and provide! i am one of those woman.
since we announced the "bk", everyday i wake up, wondering if we are going to be able to keep our "dream house". but, and the "big fat hairy" but is, we had to give our situation to god, because we don't have control over what's to come! that takes 100% of your faith, to put your hands up and be vulnerable to heartbreak, but i pray that the lord have mercy on our family!
so with that said, having the brujas sitting on display is like coming full circle, not to mention pretty awesome! i hope the bruja's have flown into your home!
benas noches brujas!
goodnight witches.