Saturday, April 09, 2011

create with me...

ian and i are officially going to be published artist! a dream come true for this boy and i. as u can see, he is always in the studio either watching, learning, or just giving his input. has all paid off because....

we are going to be published in a new stampington magazine called "create with Me" that will be hitting newsstands SSSOOO SOOOON!

we made "The Emerald City" out of everything recycled. it was a joy to make. hopefully u enjoy the publication just as much we enjoyed, creating, and painting!!!


Sunday, April 03, 2011

the weighted issue....

it's so the story of my life! aaarrrrgh! it's so the story of my life the battle with...

really, my relationship with food, is just so different than my lil’ itty bitty friends that surround my being. I say yes to dessert…they pass. I say yes to rice…they pass. I say yes to bread… how the hell they pass on that is just beyond my freak’en imagination. because let me tell you. I can name my favorite restaurants…not by the food on the menu, but the bread that they serve prior to the entrĂ©e, or even the drinks! Seriously, i am a total bread freak!!!

My top choices for feeding my fat @$$:

~ red lobster cheese bread….wow!

~ geezers. Not a chain…it’s located in santa fe springs, ca. they sourdough basket with the bomb bruchetta. It’ll reck any one’s diet.

shrimp cocktail @ mastro's
~ mastro’s steakhouse. That basket is the best with any wine on the menu

~ cat n the custard cup. Another non-chain located in la habra, ca. wow! The hot basket of bread melts in your mouth with the room temperature butter that comes out ready to spread. And with their wine list….i can go there to that restaurant just for that. Really? Oh yeah!

last but not least,

~ the hobbit. Non-chain located in orange, ca gets you with a double whammie! darn it! In the basement they have this homemade croissant bread with cheese and ham…ridiculous. Every appetizer in that basement has nothing on this flat sandwich that sits at the back of the basement on top of the good ol’ barrel. Mmmmm! Delicious!

infamous rosette butter @ the hobbit! wow!
 Then, you go to sit down, and here come the bread biscuits….and the frick’en flowered butter. I know you can see me lickn’ my lips waiting for that hot biscuit to just sit on my bread plate ready to be sliced and bbbuuutered!

Yup…I have bread issues.