Friday, November 06, 2009

the bruja's are beach'd!

well, after putting my jewelry online for all to see, we received such a huge response of warm wishes! thank you all! the bruja's are currently sitting in a high end beauty salon in huntington beach off main st. whooo hooo! how refreshing is it when u are able to create something that is so accepted and well received.
after making one of the most important life decision to stop doing stand~up comedy professionally, as an artist, u need an outlet of reality! and creating is my peaceful and inexpensive form of therapy! whether it's to journal a joke, making a piece of art jewelry, or scr~afting, there is such a zone, that happens! i love when u go to your creative space, and your imagination just takes flight, and everything else just doesn't matter anymore!
it's no surprise that 2009 has dealt us some tough & challenging situations, but fortunately, there are so many other women that are feeling the unbelievable pressures to perform and provide! i am one of those woman.
since we announced the "bk", everyday i wake up, wondering if we are going to be able to keep our "dream house". but, and the "big fat hairy" but is, we had to give our situation to god, because we don't have control over what's to come! that takes 100% of your faith, to put your hands up and be vulnerable to heartbreak, but i pray that the lord have mercy on our family!
so with that said, having the brujas sitting on display is like coming full circle, not to mention pretty awesome! i hope the bruja's have flown into your home!
benas noches brujas!
goodnight witches.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

it's halloween time!

omg! i just can not believe that my fav holiday of the year is here! this is just my favorite time to dress up and become someone else! i love changing characters and just being creative. Although this is my favorite holiday, it does mark one of the bittersweet moments of my world, and that is the remembrance of those who have passed for "dia de los muertos". one being my husbands mother, who i have never met! today would have been her 76 th birthday!

although, the kids have never met her, she still is very alive in our home. she graces us with her presence, in a photo, all the time. I don't know what it's like to lose a loved one, but i do know that this holiday, even though it's a celebrating tradition in our home. I also understand that there is some sorrow in my husbands heart for the lose he has endured.

so with that said, i'd like to pay respect to the woman that blessed me with a fine, gentleman that has the biggest heart! You did a great job ms mona!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"a fanciful twist" halloween blog party!!!

Welcome all who dare!

A festival of goblins and ghouls awaits, as we gather around, this side of town

the gypsies, the ghosts, but not the clown!

Come one come all into the party.

The treats are ready, the spells are tardy!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Now fly into the darkest of nights, as our enchanting hostess Vanessa Valencia is awaiting your presence!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

paperdoll swap

so i joined a paperdoll swap at kim caldwell's autumn event. i met the nicest hostess danielle muller of vintage dragonfly studio's in new york! { i think it's new york...well, ok the east coast} she was such a sweetheart. i think my personality was eating her alive, but...i thought she was a sweetheart.

anyway, i was so excited because i knew going into the swap, that miss breanna had soldered these beautiful paperdolls, but they were 3d. as soon as i had seen her, the doll, i prayed for her. i wanted something that beautiful in my living room. it was so awesome, because it was just the power of the lord and prayer, because i received her that day. she walked right into my hands as i approached the exchanging of paperdolls. i screamed inside, "i prayed for you lil' girl". i just had to take a picture of her as she sits in my living room, next to my princess diane paperdoll! it was so cool.

any way, danielle is hosting another paperdoll swap through her blog, the vintage dragonfly, so check it out! i guarantee, u'll find joy in making something nice for others.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

my witchy poo necklace

kristen robinson made this necklace a bit longer for me, but i am just in love with this bitch! i mean witch....hehehe!
love it! love it! love it!
to purchase one of your own, click here. u won't regret it. i promise.

Sunday, October 11, 2009!

one of my favorite items, was the "halloween queen" charm from mj ornaments! martha kennedy is such an awesome spirit! super sweet. her soldering skills are one of the best i've seen. it was sooo amazing

last, but not least, seriously.. was this necklace from alchemy studios! christine saqui is another sweetheart! tell me this necklace is "off the hook"! just stunning! and then, when you think it couldn't get any better, there is a drop of marie antoinette! oh! yah!

i was just havein a ball! can u tell?

I couldn't stay long because i had a sick lil' one at home but, from what i saw... i could have easily dropped a million dollars on awesome art! good times.

here are just a few pictures i borrowed from mj ornaments so that u could see the magnitutde of the event! it was awesome!

the entrance just set the mood!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

our family tradition...

since 2006, we decided that we would make our christmas cards. our halloween tradition!
this is what the last 3 years have looked like. what do uuuuu think? {mmmwwwaaahahaha}

it's almost time for it's unveiling!!!!

just wait!


Friday, October 09, 2009

la maison rustique

mariasella and i headed up to la maison rustique for their monthly sale at the barn. and as always linda is sooo welcomeing!

tricia samsal from vintage bliss will be teaching a beeswaxing class to seal our art stuff tonight sooooo, i am going to bring the wine and cheese and we are going to have a girls night out at:

la maison rustique

oct 9 @ 6pm.

$50 a person

come hang out with the real woman of wine country!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

glitterfest is here!!!

{mmmwwwhhaaahhhhhaahahaha!} is already here!

{picture was uploaded from}

october 10, 2009
elk's lodge
212 S Elk Ln
Santa Ana, CA 92701

this is going to be such a fun event.

i can't wait to see what's in store & the treats they're going to be providing! yay me.

i can't wait to see !

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Heidi's Homemade Halloween Swap is here!!

yippeee! as i promised... i received my package from my swap partner. it came all the way from utah!!!

shannon white of

ready for the unveiling {drum roll!!!}


  1. 2 handmade pumpkins
  2. 2 oven mitts with a "pumpkin chocolate chip cookie" recipe
  3. a "charm"~ing turkey { that reminds me of the turkey my husbands mom made before she passed away!} i can't wait to make our family version
  4. and last, but not least, 4 packages of Motts hot spiced cider
i loved being able to do something so fun and take part in such a swap!
thx heidi!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

bowers museum

here are just some of the highlights from the area in the museum, we could take pictures.

Monday, October 05, 2009

the boroque world of fernando botero

so this weekend we went to the bowers museum in santa ana, to give the kids a taste of latin american art. featured at the bowers museum is this abstract artist {painter, sculpter} from columbia ~ fernando botero.
the majority of his painting have big women depicted. they say that it's not about fat people, and i know, of course, that was not done intentionally, but that's what draws me to his art. His art is of the long forgotten folk craftsmanship of the past and his memories of the world around him. He wanted to create a style where you'd automatically know it's "botero", and seriously, that's how i know, it's him! great exhibit. good times.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Heidi's Homemade Halloween Swap

i have never joined a swap like this before, but i had the best time packaging and making my box. it was so fun.
i would show pictures but i was so excited to send my new utah swap partner her gift that i packaged it, and gave it straight to the mail carrier. duh!
it's kind of weird packaging a handmade gift for someone in another state that you've never met. weird but fun, and exciting. especially because you get to reach someone out there. do you remember pen pals? that's what it's like but with and artsy twist. i'm luvn' it!

so the deadline to send the autumn treats was september 30th, and i was just running out of time, but...she should be getting her box by tuesday!
i can't wait. my swap partner is shanon white and she is a quilter. i am a huge lover of halooooweeen time. u have to see her art called "scribble monster"

isn't that quilt just the cutest thing you've seen? {mmmmwwwwaahh...haaa...hhaaaa}
i'll show you my goodies, when i get'em.
tata, lovlies.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

artistic affair l'autume~vintage emporium

back to the reality of real life and responsibility! aaaaaah! {home alone face!} but i have some great pictures to show you from sundays event at the vintage emporium. i'm waiting for the pictures of saturday from ms mariasella, since i didn't have my camera with me....
here we go.

luvn' it

Friday, September 18, 2009

vintage bruja jewelry

vintage bruja jewelry
yahooo! i love making jewelry, i love buying hand~made jewelry....i love jewels and bling! so in the spirit of designing jewlry, i decided to create a logo! i just could not figure out what i wanted as my logo. so labor day weekend, as we were up in arizona, i had a vision of a witch or "bruja" {eeeeeeehhhheee}. i love witches, i love wizard of oz, i love "wicked"!!
plus my husband calls me "bruja". it's his term of endearment! sooo, i thought it would be an apporpriate mascot...a "bruja", !

so here she is!

what do you think? anyone out there? heeelllo!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

la maison rustique

mariasella and i headed up to la maison rustique for their monthly sale at the barn. and as always linda is sooo welcomeing! i am not going to lie...i had every intention of shopping, but it was so hot, i couldn't concentrate. i walked away with a t~shirt from sherry @ glamerella junk.

there was a gypsy trailer that i wanted to take a picture of, but i was debilitated from the heat! i did not come home with the pictures, darn it! but the vendor heidi, was just so cute. the trailer has an a.c. in it, but i couldn't just hang out in there and monopolize the trailer! seriously.

we also met tricia samsal from vintage bliss. tricia is also going to be at glitterfest. mariasella and i decided that next month for the sale, we were going to have her head up a beeswaxing class to seal our art stuff! i thought...i am going to bring the wine and cheese and we are going to have a girls night out at:

la maison rustique

oct 9 @ 6pm.

$50 a person

so mark your calendars and head up to temecula, for a buzz'n girls night out. i think it's $50 a person, but all we do is come out. she will provide everything for us! i am excited! i love this group of women. seriously.....they are so fun! plus...hehehe, there is so much shopping to do!

well, tata my little pretties. oct 9th mark your calendars and hang out with the real woman of wine country!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2010 alice in wonderland

i just can not wait for this movie to come out!

i was so inspired by the trailer that i created my own version of
"the madhatter".
ju lik~ee!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

tim burton themed ornament

2 weeks and counting......!

i am hosting a time burton themed ornament swap events at kim caldwell's artistic affair
event in l.a.! i feel so priveledged to host an event that had one of the highest enrollments. i was so nervous that i would put this idea together and no one sign up....but, it has proven to be a hit! and in the spirits of my favorite holiday, halloween, {eek}! .....
we had 13 women sign up!!! {scream} !

this just set the tone for this swap that had me sqweeling with excitement. this weekend i finished my ornaments and packaged them up. so u get a sneak peek @ the finished product!
my choice for the ornament is none other than:
the madhatter from 2010 alice in wonderland.
isn't johnny depp the best?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

31 days until....

{mmmwwwhhaaahhhhhaahahaha!} can you imagine glittered halloween gifts! what? it is going to be so awesome!

{picture was uploaded from}

october 10, 2009
elk's lodge
212 S Elk Ln
Santa Ana, CA 92701
this is going to be such a fun event.

i can't wait to see what's in store! yay me.
one of my teachers christine rose elle, of dollybellespeepshow, & kim caldwell, will be there as vendors. i can't wait to see the treats they're going to be providing!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

dude! i'm going.....

i was just browsing kaari meng's website and saw this ad for a workshop she was teaching. i clicked on the link and BAM! i was so inspired. especially by the artwork for this event. 3 women laughing while crafting.....seriously! how could i pass this up. it totally matches my motto :

"...because everyday is an occasion for crafting, laughing, wine-ing and dining!"

i waited and waited for sept 1st to arrive, so that i could register, and, and, .... i just couldn't contain myself!!!

i told myself, i said, "self, you missed out on the trip to paris with kaari because of a passport. can you miss this? {thinking...jumped to another!} heellll no!" i went back to the website, and i signed up for the email notification.

email notification...yah right. PPSSH! i was counting the days until i could register. it was almost as bad as me waiting for my fav issue of somerset magazines. i can't wait to get home and crack open that puppie and go right into my imagination.

i luv it! and,....i can't wait! dude! i'm going

Sunday, August 30, 2009

artful blogging!

well, as hard as it was to close our wine shop, i still thought our blog help chronicle our venture through the good and bad! althought the loss has been bittersweet, i still feel that our family is back and in tact again!
so, with that said, i submitted this article to my favorite magazine, "Artful Blogging", in the hopes that we could help others live out their dreams.
click here to read: the winestyles chronicles

{this is our "press enterprise" article picture! it's my fav of me and my hubby}
tell me what u think? aboout the article...duh!