Saturday, October 03, 2009

Heidi's Homemade Halloween Swap

i have never joined a swap like this before, but i had the best time packaging and making my box. it was so fun.
i would show pictures but i was so excited to send my new utah swap partner her gift that i packaged it, and gave it straight to the mail carrier. duh!
it's kind of weird packaging a handmade gift for someone in another state that you've never met. weird but fun, and exciting. especially because you get to reach someone out there. do you remember pen pals? that's what it's like but with and artsy twist. i'm luvn' it!

so the deadline to send the autumn treats was september 30th, and i was just running out of time, but...she should be getting her box by tuesday!
i can't wait. my swap partner is shanon white and she is a quilter. i am a huge lover of halooooweeen time. u have to see her art called "scribble monster"

isn't that quilt just the cutest thing you've seen? {mmmmwwwwaahh...haaa...hhaaaa}
i'll show you my goodies, when i get'em.
tata, lovlies.

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