Saturday, April 24, 2010

and the academy award goes to....

you have to meet the newest member of our family. how cute is she?
she is the most docile and balanced dog we have ever had the pleasure of keeping.
miss greta, is just so sweet and nice, we just couldn't help but keep her.
you see, our groomer, nicki, breeds english bulldogs. well, miss greta was with her for 5 years, and had already had 3-4 litters.
so, once the dogs have done their time breeding, she fosters them to good homes. we were lucky to be one of the chosen ones!
mind you, she was only suppose to be visiting us for a weekend, to see if she was a responsibility we were willing to handle.
well, as you can see...she never went back to nicki's.
this pretty girl is now one of us & we are so pleased that she has chosen us as her family.
we lover the way she graces us with her presence....
she farts and snores just like a man!
it's the most hilarious moment in our world.
i mean, we had no idea that dogs do that! we had heard that this breed "floats air biscuits", but to actually hear'em, i don't think anything prepares you for that moment.
but like most spouses...we can't live without them!
so it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to this years oscar winner for
"2010's newest winery dog":

Monday, April 12, 2010

you are my sunshine... only sunshine ! you make me happy...

i just can't believe that 14 years has come. Oh boy! I am so blessed 2 have such a beautiful daughter! Who knew that she would change my life forever! Her awesome funny, nuturing & impatient personality! Her wilingness to improve, persevere, & overcome obstacles with such a confident attitude.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coroner From The Wizard of Oz, Dead at 94

well, i've been away from blogland for a bit, but as you all know i do work for ft, and i do get sucked up in my day to day. but i did feel compelled to blog being that this is the laziest sunday i've had in a long time

but what?

dead @ 94...wao!
my favorite movie of all time!
i received the news this morning that the wicked witch from the wizard of oz died. Yup! that's the news i received. that's how rumors get started.
boy 'o' boy, I was really hurt.
then i went online to confirm the news, i confirmed my initial suspicion...i really do know my wizard trivia. the wicked ol' witch was dead in 1985. awwww! we miss elphaba.
but today, all i can hear is:
"As coroner, I must aver, I thoroughly examined her, and she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead." ~ meinhardt raabe