Sunday, January 31, 2010

lizzy b's giveaway!

Love is in the air!
To celebrate Valentine's Day, Lizzy B having a special giveaway!

Her husband makes these hearts from vintage spoons! Each spoon is hand pounded, cut and then sanded into a beautiful unique heart! They are incredibly time consuming but so beautiful! Everyone is so surprised when they find out the heart was from a spoon! She put the smaller one on a short sterling chain and the other two on chunkier gun metal chains. One lucky person will win a vintage spoon heart necklace!

The drawing will be on Sunday, February 14.

leave her a comment at:

lizzy b

good luck!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hiho, hiho, it's off....

to antiquing i go!!!!

it is such a pleasure to enjoy a hobby with my husband. one of our favorite hobbies, is going to antique stores, and looking at all the old 100 year old tools, books, and pictures from long ago. this weekend we hit fullerton, ca.
first stop, joy's segunda off brookhurst:

joy is korean and is so cute. she is always in a cheerful mood. any time i have a question, she answers it the best she can. but don't underestimate this women, because she definitely knows her antiques!

second stop, like mother, like daughter off commonwealth:

this is one of the owners, mrs. nola

i know my mom would love the sewing section. she has things that would just blow any one's minds. seriously!

lil valentine's day area! plus, some adorable wedding gifts. so cute.

the kitchen area was just as much fun!

these victorian girls did come home with me for a nice price of $35. love them!
on to the hair section. look at these old hair combs. aaahhhh! this is what an old spa looked like!

check out this old hair dryer!

have you ever seen such a thing? metal, rollers? amazing!!!

honestly? i have never seen such a thing.

the office section:

yummy. i love eye candy. some of these silver spoons did come home with us! yay!

buttons, button, and more vintage buttons!!!!!
for sure i'll be heading back to this sweet diamond in the rough!
i'm luv'n fullerton right now!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

french magazines, baskets, and dogs...oh my!

the welcome party for the guest of honor
"miss honey"
omg! we made the march 2010, issue of "romantic homes" with a celebration for "miss honey" who is owned by my girl friend, and owner of
it was such an awesome welcome home party, for her beautiful dog, "honey".

she did this party in a true "romantic homes" magazine cover taste!! check out some of the vignette's she put together, in true orange county class & taste!!!
i have to admit, "louis" & "belle" made such an apperance to "honey's" birthday party!!!

so look out for the march issue of "romantic homes"march 2010!!!

pick up your copy & support my girlfriend the:

french basketeer!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

all inspiring amy butler..

on, "who needs banks?" to start a business.
this interview with amy butler is just so inspiring. especially after you've lost a buisness, workes hard at your current buisness or just simply dreamed of having a buisness.

i can't wait to meet her in st. louis, missouri in may 2010!