Sunday, October 31, 2010

You've Lost that Blogging Feeln'!

OMG! Does anyone have a cure for the creative blues? It's been 1 month that I either can't find inspiration, to craft, to write, or draw. I'm in the creative funk...
We have finally moved into a new lil' house in the OC, I put my studio together in our garage. It looks so tantalizing! I sit in my studio, organizing, putting stuff away, shuffling things back & forth...&.....nada!
I've visited the shop that is housing my Vintage Bruja line of handmade goodies, &...unfortunately, the adorable lil' store in Norco, Ca is getting no foot traffic what~so~ever!
So...what do u do for the creative blues? I can hear Dory from Nemo telling me, "just keep swimming, swimming...." and I'm treading, treading!
Well....hopefully, I can get it together & make some things happen!

Wish me luck...bruja!