Tuesday, February 23, 2010

romantic homes march 2010

this is the romantic homes spread that my girlfriend andrea invited me to last year that is now in the march 2010 issue of romantic homes!!!! yay!i went ahead and scanned in the pages for you to see my boy "sir pimpin' louis vutton"

he was rockin' the polo that evening, with a pair of designer tarrrrr-gettt jeans plus the blue mohawk. yahoo! he was it that night!!!
my lil' man is single sexy and breeeeds!

andrea is the owner of french basketeer!!! she is an amazing woman with a heart of solid love & joy. she's the friend that you see multitasking life with a smile whether she likes whats going on or not! you can read her blog
and see her journey through france, the people that she meets on her escapades to these really nice farmers markets up and down california. how she manages to be in 5 places at one time is beyond my comprehension, but.... again, she's the friend that you see multitasking life with a smile .....blah, blah, blah.

yes we did! she even had a time out for the naughty dogs.
and, isn't it funny, there's always that one kid in the bunch that just doesn't have social skills, doesn't know how to play with all the others kids...and still manages to stay out of the time out room, because mom makes excuses for the brat!!! yes! it's true...we had one! but it wasn't either one of my two, and definitely not the life of the party miss honey!

here's andrea walking the party with miss honey! she didn't want the grouchy ol' woman to snip honey! hehehehe. just kidding. it was time for pictures. this is right before the picture above was taken of honey coming out of her posh wicker dog house!

and this, is miss andrea serving drinks for all the guest as they arrived to the festivities.

this is honey greeting belle in her tutu, as she made her presence known at the affair.

this is louis introducing himself to the guest of honor honey, with a sneaky little kiss, to keep her heart set on him the entire night.

hello madame!

thank you so much andrea, for inviting me to such an elegant event! you manage, yet again, not to miss a detail in your planning of this wonderful affair. the chef made dog treats were to die for darling!

tata madame andrea & honey!

until we meet again ma petite amie!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

sally jean the soldering queen

off i go...... to meet the soldering queen in san diego, ca
{photo courtesy of camille scheewe}

i am so excited to meet this woman, that........ i get lost & make a scene, by showing up late to my first class!

mostly everyone @ work wouldn't find this as surprising, because i'm the girl that walks into the meeting, while my "regional" manager is talking about job security and the ceo of my company says, "priscilla, glad you can make it"!

definitely, not a proud moment in my sales career, but one the ceo never let's me live down, every meeting!

so, yes, i am that girl!

here's a sneak peak @ what the class was about.

in these classes sometimes, when u need to be creative, the juices flow and then they don't.

sometimes you feel like a nut & sometimes you don't.

this class, it's so hard to not be inspired and want to learn more & more, & more. if finances weren't an issue right now, i'd be going to at least 1 more sally class that is coming up. but instead, i went on amazon and bought this book!

and so far, it has lived up to the expectation of her class. i'm glad i purchased the book after meeting her because.... i can actually hear her voice walking me through the steps in her sally voice, mannerism, anal~isms and gestures!

i love when habits rub off on me & just happen through a few hours of osmosis.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

cerda~fied superheroes...

....to the rescue!!!
i almost forgot to show you this years christmas card!

i received a comment from a reader, and that's when i realized, i did not unveil this years family photo opt.

so this year, my son, mr ian, decided to throw a wrench in the family christmas card and tell me last minute that he wanted to be a ninja.
huh! "rrrragy"?

yah! so, mind you, since last year i have been planning what our christmas cards were going to be and characters the family was going to "rock". mr ian and dad, were suppose to be batman and robin.
waugh,waugh, waugh.
of course, what was i thinking? mr ian has an imagination of his own. the problem is, we're so much alike, but we're never on the same page. so i thought, how the heck am i going to spin this new non~american hero into the mix.
american hero meets anime...no?
oh! yah, i got it, american super heroes versus the japanese villan. so we made ian the "disney like model" of a villan.
our christmas card was born.
enjoy & besos!xoxoxoox

Friday, February 05, 2010

la maison rustique

another successful weekend in temecula.

this weekend feb 4 & 5. you can not miss the barn sale.

i am so excited to be heading out there tomorrow morning! yeaaaahh!

{photo courtesy of sweetpeas & snapshots}

here they are:

{photo courtesy of la maison rustique}

{linda on the far left....is the owner of the barn and she is just an amazing woman. love her! and all the way to the right is ms mary smilove of sweetpeas and snapshots. omg ~ love her too!}

i can't wait to see how everyone is doing. i want to hear the stories from the girls and see what the magic elves have conjured up for this weekends events. yay!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

chateu montelena

est in 1882. this winery is historic because they produced the first chardonnay in 1976, june 7, 1976 to be exact, to win 1st place in the judgement of paris tasting, putting california in the forefront of the wine world!!

for the the results...click here

one of our favorite movies "bottle shock", featured this historic winery! how could we not see where all the magic happened for napa, ca.

let me tell you, it definitely lived up to its expectation. these pictures where taken a year ago, this month; and today,.....we just cracked open the bottle, and let me tell you, mmm, mmmm!

it was delicioso!

for a california chardonnay, there was some oaky~ness to her, but for sure, the stainless steel barrels really allowed for this chardonnay to shine on the dinner table tonight.

taco thursday with chateau montelena was an absolute hit!

Monday, February 01, 2010

kaari meng!

i am just so elated to have met the one woman behind the

fREnCH gEnERAL~ms. karri meng.

i just can not wait to also be a student of hers in may @ mary engelbreit event that is going to held late april ~ may!

aaaaah! i am so excited! I just can't stand it!!!!

my creative juices have been on hold for a few months. it's like i just could not figure myself out....but, then i received an update, and it reminded me that i have to take time off in order to attend, soooo, i remembered again.

i just can't believe that this event is just around the corner. i am going to take allot of pics.

i never receive any comments from readers, but.... i am definitely going to upload some awesome pictures from this event.