Tuesday, February 23, 2010

romantic homes march 2010

this is the romantic homes spread that my girlfriend andrea invited me to last year that is now in the march 2010 issue of romantic homes!!!! yay!i went ahead and scanned in the pages for you to see my boy "sir pimpin' louis vutton"

he was rockin' the polo that evening, with a pair of designer tarrrrr-gettt jeans plus the blue mohawk. yahoo! he was it that night!!!
my lil' man is single sexy and breeeeds!

andrea is the owner of french basketeer!!! she is an amazing woman with a heart of solid love & joy. she's the friend that you see multitasking life with a smile whether she likes whats going on or not! you can read her blog
and see her journey through france, the people that she meets on her escapades to these really nice farmers markets up and down california. how she manages to be in 5 places at one time is beyond my comprehension, but.... again, she's the friend that you see multitasking life with a smile .....blah, blah, blah.

yes we did! she even had a time out for the naughty dogs.
and, isn't it funny, there's always that one kid in the bunch that just doesn't have social skills, doesn't know how to play with all the others kids...and still manages to stay out of the time out room, because mom makes excuses for the brat!!! yes! it's true...we had one! but it wasn't either one of my two, and definitely not the life of the party miss honey!

here's andrea walking the party with miss honey! she didn't want the grouchy ol' woman to snip honey! hehehehe. just kidding. it was time for pictures. this is right before the picture above was taken of honey coming out of her posh wicker dog house!

and this, is miss andrea serving drinks for all the guest as they arrived to the festivities.

this is honey greeting belle in her tutu, as she made her presence known at the affair.

this is louis introducing himself to the guest of honor honey, with a sneaky little kiss, to keep her heart set on him the entire night.

hello madame!

thank you so much andrea, for inviting me to such an elegant event! you manage, yet again, not to miss a detail in your planning of this wonderful affair. the chef made dog treats were to die for darling!

tata madame andrea & honey!

until we meet again ma petite amie!

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