Saturday, June 25, 2011


...i can not believe that almost 17 years later, i am seeing myself outside of myself again!!!
i remember when i was invited to the premiere of dangerous minds starring michelle pfifer. i was in the other actors class not the main class but...when i was sitting in the audience watching the movie, i almost crawled underneath my seat when my scene came on! i just couldn't believe that there i was...watching myself. it was the weirdest feeling! i remember my mom being so proud of this moment! when she saw that i had sank into my seat...all i remember her doing was moving her lips....whah!whah!...!!!
when i finally came back to reality, i could hear her say, why are you doing that? get up! and i jumped back up in my seat to watch the movie again. LOL! then i came on again....whooop! right back down i went.
this was that moment...only 15 years later. see that my son is so proud of this moment...and that he's the one who took on our family's creative side, makes me blush.
anyway...this is the article that "creat with me" published. and it's such an honor.
if this art piece could talk!!! boy o'boy....

{To be continued}