Friday, December 24, 2010

In the blink of an eye…

that is when….
I'll be closer to You than I've ever been
Time will fly, but until then
I'll embrace every moment I'm given
There's a reason I'm alive for a blink of an eye~ Mercy Me

on december 19, 2010, the girls, my niece and daughter, were in the carpool lane of the 405N, coming home. it had been raining a lot all day, but it was just an ordinary night! As my niece and daughter jump on the fwy, they had no idea that in 5 minutes they would be in a life altering accident that COULD HAVE taken their lives forever! up ahead one car hydroplaned out of control into the center divider, the car behind him, w/ 2 teenagers hit him...all this happening while my niece & daughter, just chilln' on the FWY, coming home from eating dinner. they both then look ahead....and see the accident approach, but at 50mph, pouring rain, niece panicked, "oh! Shit!... Savannah were going to hit the car!", slammed the breaks, and just hydroplaned into the two boys car! Savannah's put her legs to her chest in protection, held on, shut her eyes and prepared herself as quick as possible for impact! the impact was so brutal, she smacked her face into her legs.

my girl is ok! thx GOD! just really shaken up. i'm taking her today for full check~up and having an x-ray of her nose ordered.

All this, and my niece's airbags never deployed! luckily, the boys in the other car, were already out of the car, dazed from their hit! the other idiot that spun out of control, jumped the center divider onto the south side of the 405, into oncoming traffic, dodging cars, as he ran to the other side of the fwy! after making sure my daughter was ok, my niece threw her hazards on, got out of the car, to see how the others were doing. she said that the two boys were unresponsive, just standing there in the rain, & dazed when she kept asking them if they were ok! because emergency was called from the 1st accident, my niece said that moments L8R, tow trucks and CHP, were already breaking traffic to get to the scene. CHP asked my niece "hey! where's that guy going?" as that LOCO was running across the FWY!

when my niece called, my heart dropped! i could tell in her voice something was wrong! when i saw the accident from the opposite side of the nerves kicked in & i felt trapped in my car that i couldn't get to them fast enough!

I jumped out of my car and just ran to the girls... for it seemed like an eternity.
when i saw the accident up close....i just....needed to see my daughter!
i wanted to hug her, hold her, kiss her… but emergency crew wouldn't let me get to her. they just let me see her in the ambulance, see she was ok! then i had to go back to the car & wait until they could release them to us!! CRAZY, CRAZY NIGHT!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hand delivered with a delicious touch!

I had an idea that I had to share with you. I am always in and out of restaurants, and am always seeing different types of plastic containers that store food, just being tossed away. Every time I see someone tossing the container, I always think, "How can I reuse this?" Or when I'm in a candy store, and I watch the sales rep package an ordinary chocolate covered strawberry in that rectangular clear box with cute shred, I think, "yay! That's so cute!" Then you give that strawberry gift to that special someone, & they just toss that clear, rectangular box into the trash, and you're just watching it fall right into the trash can in slow motion, thinking, Nooo! Do you know what I can do with that? But you don't say anything out loud because ordinary people don't think like creative minds do!

What a Creative Living Idea! Don't u think? What I did was simply combined a candy shop package with twine & colored tissue. I needed to wrap a custom made ornament for a client that I was going to hand deliver. After wrapping the ornament, I thought, Aaargh! This is such a cute gift but it just looks so, blah! Then I remembered, I had some left over dessert in the refrigerator from the night before. So I took out the dessert, wiped the container clean, and thought… AHA! I Finally! found a reason to use these containers and not have to feel guilty by throwing them away anymore! Can I just share, that just by wrapping that cute handmade ornament, in that cute little container, filled with colored tissue paper, tied with the twine & finished off with a crown brooch, I actually made my handmade beauty look boutique, and not swap meet!

You can turn your handmade gift from boring & unthoughtful to delicious and unexpected. It's definitely an inexpensive way to regift with an unexpected solution!

Hand delivered with a delicious touch!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gasping for air…

…wanting to breathe.

something just told me...just go to sleep. U are getting so sleepy…u are so tired!

but i just kept fighting it! "no i'm not tired i have to finish my crafting!"
no! wake up! read the manual!

So, the other day I decided to become creative woman! Mariasela signed us up for a craft fair! Well there I go to Wal-Mart with my son, in to the camping section we go!
oh! Look, there are the heaters, a catalytic heater, that hubby was talking about. I'm not too sure about this, but, being that he doesn't want me to overspend, I'll just buy it! I'd rather just buy an electric fan heater, but nooo! Hubby always says that I am alpha female and I never just trust his lead.
So there I go! I buy the catalytic Coleman heater and 2 propane tanks. Luckily, I had passed the electric heaters, noticed the small one for $10, and thought, "let me get this just in case i'm not feelin' the Coleman…I'll have my mini back up."
2.5 hrs into my creative time, with my daughter to my right, working on her cervical cancer research paper & talking my ear off about high school… I get this funky lil' cough. I'm crafting in our garage, with my catalytic heater and electrical heater just going while my creative juices are flowing and my son comes around the corner and says, "Dad! What's that smell?" hubby says, "it's the metal on moms new heater. Once the heater burns through, it should go away!" Right after that, hubby kisses my daughter and I, says, "goodnight". My son says," I'm going to bed with u dad. Mom, can you wake me up when u come to bed, and then I'll go into my room."
"Ok buddy." Off they go!
My daughter and I, we are just chit chatting away, for about another hour when all of a sudden, I am hit with this ferocious need to close my eyes and go to sleep. Now, it's close to midnight, and we're all on vacation, except for hubby. Since I had been crafting all day I thought, man! I'm exhausted. I nod off, and wake up again, and this thought in my head said, read the manual on this propane heater, and see just what it says about home use of a propane heater, in an enclosed garage.
And then again, as I'm crafting, my head keeps nodding off. in my unconsciousness I keep telling myself finish! Finish ur craft, then go to bed!
i wake up and feel this weird gurgling in my chest…and this annoying feeling to cough. As I am flipping through the 1st 2 pages of the catalytic heaters manual, I read that, "propane gas is heavier than oxygen and that it can cause suffocation if used in an enclosed room without enough circulation". I look around, I'm in the garage with no windows and the doors shut! I look at savannah, and ask savannah, "do u smell something that I don't."
"no mom stop being so paranoid!" Typical teenager, oblivious to her surroundings, and I'm a paranoid parent. So, I read on, other symptoms are nausea, light headedness, anorexia…wait! that one is ok…dizziness, etc. etc. etc. I knew it! I knew I shouldn't have bought this crap for the garage, but noooo! Hubby thinks I just want to spend money, blah! Blah! BLAH! so I turn off the catalytic Coleman heater, and try to keep crafting when all of a sudden savannah goes from 100 miles an hour , talking my ear off to…" mom I just can't keep my eyes open anymore."
I said, "me too let's turn in."
We wake up the next morning, I feel so exhausted …we can't eat, light headed, and keep getting this mini migraine headache off and on.

"Yup! U guessit? I had carbon monoxide poisoning!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

she can't, can't.... on to the moulin rouge!

isn't that just some b*({$#!+ right there!
i mean, seriously...i'm kind of bumbed out by this! however, so much has transpired in 2010, that, if u were here, in my world...there would be no s#!+$, and giggles!
life happens, and no matter how prepared u think u are....curve ball! swing!
u strike out!
and being that i am not invincible... i was hit on my head.
mom, swears that she is going to hit the lotto one of these days. i have been waiting since 1983 for her to hit! she strikes out too.
why does she bounce back? i think it's because she a dreamer... and she keeps her dream alive!
well, mom...i am going to follow in these footsteps. i am going to click my heels twice... and as soon as the moulin rouge approaches, i am going to say," there's no place like kim's home! there's no place like kim's home!"
and by some miracle...i think... i might just be there come march!
wish me luck...witch!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

belt yourself in tight...

...because we are in for a ride! yyyahoooo!

charlie chaplin

these vintage inspired belt buckles were just a joy to create! i could just embellish and decorate until my heart desired! then i thought...ooops! some of these are for men! and sure husband ran off with one in this collection.

sophia loren

laurel and hardy!
atleast i know...if my husband can sport one of these beauties...i know other metro males can sport them well, assssss' well! {it was a james dean!}
james dean
jean harlowthe fabulous mae west....


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

inspiration delivered!

i have been movin' and grovin' but haven't been able to blog a post to save my life...until now! it's amazing how an artist mind works. very fragile i tell u. u come to the computer, u sit and look at the key pad, and....nada! not'a damn thing comes to mind. u leave u go out with the fam, u come back, u upload the pictures, and....ur not motivated to write about that because, aaaah! it's to soon to talk about.

anyway, my girlfriend mariasella signed us up to do a local craft fair, and that's when my creative angel came and sat on my shoulder to chit chat! and whooolah!

inspiration was delivered!

the golden era of hollywood inspired my creative juices and i was soaring with memories of watching all these classic movies with my mom as a kid. my mom wanted to be an actress, dancer, singer...u name it, she was trying it. my mom can watch old movies on a rainy day, all day long and crochet. and there i was, right there next to her, thinking i was going to be shirley temple one day, " on the good ship....lollipop!"

well, hollywood never did call, but it did inspire me to create an solder my heart out! as i soldered each one of these ornaments....i was listening to old christmas carols streaming on kbig 103.5, i was just going down memory lane...with fred astaire. 2 of my favorite characters from wizard of oz are the cowardly lion, and the wicked witch! and as i was decorating them, i could laugh like the witch, scare myself, and then say..."put'em up, put'em up! fight you with my eyes closed, ay!"

oooh! and then jean harlow hit the table and "aaah!' i could here madonna's "vogue" playing in the background of the christmas carols, "just here those sleigh bells ringling'...vogue, vogue, vogue"! that's just how my mind work. it's just going places. then charlie chaplin jumped on the brain and man! i thought laurel and hardy....and boooom! i was back on stage again, in front of a packed audience, me! yeah! i was funny! ameteur of course, but....i was funny!
record scratches in the conscience tells me
"priscilla come back girl...ur dreaming again witch!"

and then, i'm back!
and....scene! LOL!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

girl, ur amazing just the way u are...

Man! Growing up without a father, I never realized the power of having a good, responsible, God fearing father around!
It's sooo important especially during these trying girls teen years! U have to talk to her about self~respect, what hazard signs to look for.... Y u don't need to look for attention... Because just being urrself is ENOUGH! Those words are so meaningful, coming from a respectful father figure!

Daddy & daughters relationship sets the bar for her future! Not just imagining it, but living it! He said to our daughter, u have nothing to worry about, the boys are going to be plenty because ur beautiful inside & out! So set ur standards now Savannah because who ever the lucky guy is in the future, should consider himself LUCKY!!! Be confident & don't go looking for affirmation, let ur confidence in urself define u!
Damn! That was the talk! That was the talk that could have saved so many girls from getting involved with the dead beat men

u are blessed!