Wednesday, December 01, 2010

girl, ur amazing just the way u are...

Man! Growing up without a father, I never realized the power of having a good, responsible, God fearing father around!
It's sooo important especially during these trying girls teen years! U have to talk to her about self~respect, what hazard signs to look for.... Y u don't need to look for attention... Because just being urrself is ENOUGH! Those words are so meaningful, coming from a respectful father figure!

Daddy & daughters relationship sets the bar for her future! Not just imagining it, but living it! He said to our daughter, u have nothing to worry about, the boys are going to be plenty because ur beautiful inside & out! So set ur standards now Savannah because who ever the lucky guy is in the future, should consider himself LUCKY!!! Be confident & don't go looking for affirmation, let ur confidence in urself define u!
Damn! That was the talk! That was the talk that could have saved so many girls from getting involved with the dead beat men

u are blessed!

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