"Every artist needs a creative outlet where they can take a journey outside of reality to appreciate life & its' inspirations!" ~ priscilla cerda

take a journey in to see, what the vintage bruja, has conjured up for thee!
How "Vintage Bruja" was Inspired?

i have a love for all things vintage, including wine! so it was no surprise to me that i would have to incorporate vintage, in any business name or alias.
bruja! well there are a few reasons bruja came to mind:
  1. bruja! is spanish for witch! since i wanted my business name to reflect my latina heritage, BRUJA! was born
  2. it's a nickname my husband gave me because i have a great intuition, huge fan of Disney's {Female} Villains, & i looooove Halloween.
  3. because i love Halloween, it was no wonder that i would be married to a man, that 's mother was born on October 31, who also was a crafter! also, one of my husbands dearest & closest friends, whom has already passed away, always said that the reason my husband married me, is because i remind him of his mother! yikes!
that's how Vintage Bruja was born!