Sunday, June 27, 2010

needlepoint and needlework enthusiasts...

we decided to visit the lacis museum of lace and textiles while visiting berkley, ca. this place was just vintage eye candy galore!!! talk about vintage costumes from the 1920's. i mean, it was just such a cute little blast to the past. i love visiting shops like this.

not only can u see how threads were used, but u can actually purchase vintage trims, beads and take a vintage class.

this pic is soooo my mom love it!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

my,my,my...time flies

when your busy!
my daughter, it just feels like yesterday she was just going to middle school. now...she's off to high school. it's amazing how much i appreciate all the time i've soent with her. i don't feel as if i have missed a moment watching her and her friends grow up through the years.

now, it was time to make a break, and get her education focused and on the right track. so, instead of going to a high school with her friends, we thought that it would be better to send her to private school for her high school years! we needed to get her education back in focus, so that when college's not going to be about the's going to be about her future. and of course that is a hard decision to make, but...since we have lost all of our material possessions because of bad investments, why not focus our efforts on investing in her education. afterall, our odds are better when we bet on the success of our childrens future instead of more financial wealth, right?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


yeeee! i'm smittened with lavender!

the lavender festival is getting more and more amazing.

it is now in it's 6th year! can u believe that? it feels like just the other day, we went to the 1 annual lavender fest. it was so small. just a handful of vendors. a few tents were demonstrating earthy and organic ways of gardening and living.

now,...well, i was just so blown away with excitement! it was just a great relaxing outdoors event with just some amazing lavender infused foods. they had the cutest menus and the best little concerts. it really makes for a great day out. was just lavender aromatherapy everywhere.

123 farms really does a great job of putting this event together.

i am looking forward to next year...already!

Monday, June 21, 2010

a tail towards a bright future...

while up north, we decided to take advantage of a great opportunity and decided to take the kids to visit a college campus and see what college life is like. it was very inspiring, i think. we walked the lawrence science center and... look... at the view. wow!as we walked the campus...we were surprised by the local friendly rodents. they casually visit and like to try to sneak a treat!
speaking of tails...

tail of the yak! this store is incredible
this store was visually amazing!!! it was such a treasure to see how they put this store together. these pictures don't even touch what's online. however, they don't have a website bloggers love to share.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day...

{here's looking at u kid! }

i have to admit, being a father these days has alot to be comended. it really takes a good man to be an awesome father! and as sad as it may be, there aren't many good dads out there, these days.

so, that is why on father's day, we have to celebrate the real men! the men that man up to their responsibilities all year around. not, the men that get visitation once a year. my definition of a real, a man that is not afraid to say he fears the lord! he's a man that can say he's wrong when he's wrong, and when he's right...he allows you to still be the winner!

a man that can man up for another mans! now that's a man! be a 'daddy' and handle another man's responsibilities with an unconditinal heart. that is my hus~man!

he's a real man!
I love that he truly is my son's hero,
and my daughters prince charming!

there are high expectation for our daughter's suitor to fit dads shoes, let me tell you! daddy has been princess' first look at how she should be treated and respected! and, he's done that really well. i think he exceeded his own expectations.

both victor, and i come from broken homes,

and raised by really strong women. so, being a father took alot of prayer, reading "how to be a father" books, and just straight out "down on one knee" humbleness, in order to be a man in his house with plenty of harmony!
that's my husband, victor
{or like savannah would say"bee~tus"}.
so, on this day i celebrate his story of fatherhood! it hasn't been an easy road raising these 2 beautiful children, especially a tween to teen. but by the looks of things...god has blessed us in the past, present and will continue to in the future!

so, as for the road ahead...both these men in my life have been powerful leaders & celebrated on this special day:
happy father's day, bubuth!
and last, but not least... happy father's day to the two women that did it without real men here on earth, but guided by a real man, the lord, in heaven!
i love u, mom
& thank u for a great husband, mona. he misses you!

ha! i forgot day 3...

@ mary engelbreit's event.

mary and me!

i had to take a picture with the name attached to this event. right? yup. then...i met amy butler. aaahhhh! i wub amy butler. not because i can sew but my mom loves to sew. eventually she'll learn how to use her blog to stage her awesome thread work, but until then, u can read her quirky entries of her crazy life, always filled with some type of madness. there is never any rhyme or reason to her blogging. just her trying to figure this shit out! so back to amy butler...yay! here's my shot. {vogue, vogue, vogue} by the way, i'm in heels and she's in a wedge. tall & slender isn't she. very sweet too.miss wendy addison. i brought home her self branded glass glitter. she was pretty cool. i told her that she needed to update her blog because i was over seeing her cat next to the darn christmas tree. seriously, i know i'm horrible at blogging since facebook has come around...but christmas in july. so sad. but she did laugh about it and say she was going to update her blog. not that she's busy or anything. i don't see myself in "where women create" just yet! {but it will be a personal goal}

i did take claudine hellmuth's class, however, because i was traveling from the west coast, i was not prepared with a picture for my puppet. so, i used claudine's dog. he had passed away already but, his memory still lives on. so yes, i brough her dog home with me. i love her darn paint, but u can't find those things anywhere! it doesn't help that all the scrapbooking stores out here are closing down because they aren't changeing nor keeping up with the scrappy times. so needless to say, it will be my personal mission to get the collection. i'm on a capatalistic mission. is that a word?

yay! day 3 was eventful.

however, there was suppose to be a panel discussion on the future of handmaking, but we never did get around to that that was a "to bad". it would have been interesting... but i don't think they knew where it was going either! hehehehe