Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day...

{here's looking at u kid! }

i have to admit, being a father these days has alot to be comended. it really takes a good man to be an awesome father! and as sad as it may be, there aren't many good dads out there, these days.

so, that is why on father's day, we have to celebrate the real men! the men that man up to their responsibilities all year around. not, the men that get visitation once a year. my definition of a real, a man that is not afraid to say he fears the lord! he's a man that can say he's wrong when he's wrong, and when he's right...he allows you to still be the winner!

a man that can man up for another mans! now that's a man! be a 'daddy' and handle another man's responsibilities with an unconditinal heart. that is my hus~man!

he's a real man!
I love that he truly is my son's hero,
and my daughters prince charming!

there are high expectation for our daughter's suitor to fit dads shoes, let me tell you! daddy has been princess' first look at how she should be treated and respected! and, he's done that really well. i think he exceeded his own expectations.

both victor, and i come from broken homes,

and raised by really strong women. so, being a father took alot of prayer, reading "how to be a father" books, and just straight out "down on one knee" humbleness, in order to be a man in his house with plenty of harmony!
that's my husband, victor
{or like savannah would say"bee~tus"}.
so, on this day i celebrate his story of fatherhood! it hasn't been an easy road raising these 2 beautiful children, especially a tween to teen. but by the looks of things...god has blessed us in the past, present and will continue to in the future!

so, as for the road ahead...both these men in my life have been powerful leaders & celebrated on this special day:
happy father's day, bubuth!
and last, but not least... happy father's day to the two women that did it without real men here on earth, but guided by a real man, the lord, in heaven!
i love u, mom
& thank u for a great husband, mona. he misses you!

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