Saturday, June 26, 2010

my,my,my...time flies

when your busy!
my daughter, it just feels like yesterday she was just going to middle school. now...she's off to high school. it's amazing how much i appreciate all the time i've soent with her. i don't feel as if i have missed a moment watching her and her friends grow up through the years.

now, it was time to make a break, and get her education focused and on the right track. so, instead of going to a high school with her friends, we thought that it would be better to send her to private school for her high school years! we needed to get her education back in focus, so that when college's not going to be about the's going to be about her future. and of course that is a hard decision to make, but...since we have lost all of our material possessions because of bad investments, why not focus our efforts on investing in her education. afterall, our odds are better when we bet on the success of our childrens future instead of more financial wealth, right?

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