Sunday, June 20, 2010

ha! i forgot day 3...

@ mary engelbreit's event.

mary and me!

i had to take a picture with the name attached to this event. right? yup. then...i met amy butler. aaahhhh! i wub amy butler. not because i can sew but my mom loves to sew. eventually she'll learn how to use her blog to stage her awesome thread work, but until then, u can read her quirky entries of her crazy life, always filled with some type of madness. there is never any rhyme or reason to her blogging. just her trying to figure this shit out! so back to amy butler...yay! here's my shot. {vogue, vogue, vogue} by the way, i'm in heels and she's in a wedge. tall & slender isn't she. very sweet too.miss wendy addison. i brought home her self branded glass glitter. she was pretty cool. i told her that she needed to update her blog because i was over seeing her cat next to the darn christmas tree. seriously, i know i'm horrible at blogging since facebook has come around...but christmas in july. so sad. but she did laugh about it and say she was going to update her blog. not that she's busy or anything. i don't see myself in "where women create" just yet! {but it will be a personal goal}

i did take claudine hellmuth's class, however, because i was traveling from the west coast, i was not prepared with a picture for my puppet. so, i used claudine's dog. he had passed away already but, his memory still lives on. so yes, i brough her dog home with me. i love her darn paint, but u can't find those things anywhere! it doesn't help that all the scrapbooking stores out here are closing down because they aren't changeing nor keeping up with the scrappy times. so needless to say, it will be my personal mission to get the collection. i'm on a capatalistic mission. is that a word?

yay! day 3 was eventful.

however, there was suppose to be a panel discussion on the future of handmaking, but we never did get around to that that was a "to bad". it would have been interesting... but i don't think they knew where it was going either! hehehehe

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