Thursday, May 13, 2010

mary engelbreit ~ day 1

day 1: we are not in kansas anymore.

flight leaves for st. louis, mo @ 6am
hubby gets me to the airport at 5:05 am. "do you have everything, sweetheart?" hubby asks.
"i do"
"i.d., on-line booking number, credit card?" he says
"i should. did u put the credit card back in my wallet after u used it last night!" i proclaimed
"ahhhh! crap! sweetheart. i didn't, and i don't have my wallet on me either." he says with disappoinment
"well, i need to get inside and check in. so figure it out, & we'll keep in touch at my next stop. denver, co. ok?"
so i jam into the airport and hit the counter. I go to check in and the terminal says "flight is closed!" or whatever the heck it says. bottom line according to united, i am late and i am not getting on this flight!
ppssh, whatever witch! get me on this flight, because i am going to st louis.
"ma'am! this terminal is saying that the fligt is closed. it's only 5:15am!"
"well, united closes their flight 45min before departure."
i'm thinking..."lady, this is not l.a.x.! i'm the only person up in ontario right now. seriously, who's going to st. louis with me. "um, ok ma'am, but i've been playing with this terminal for the last 10 min, plus, you all have busy, and everytime one of you walks by and i say excuse me, one of you says, i'll be with u in just a second. and it's been 10 min." {don't play!}

"ok. ma'am. i appologize for the wait. your checking in 1 bag?"
"yes." but i'm thinking shoot! everything else is going to meet me in st. louis...ok!
that is how day 1 started...and it ended with me losing my drivers lic#, not being able to rent a car, or get money from western union that my hubby was so gracious to think about. but... it did me no good.
but i was going to get to mrs. mary's reception and studio tour. so i was on a mission.
after i cried at the airport because i felt so alone. i put myself together, remembered i had taken the $400 out of my emergency fund and headed into st. louis to visit mary and all the crafty ladies!
i was determined to make this trip i had been waiting for....almost 1 year!

i made it through the wilderness....

somehow i made it through...

didn't know how lost i was until i called yooooouuuu!


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I hope your trip to Kim's event goes better! See you there.