Thursday, May 13, 2010

mary engelbreit ~ day 2

day 2: kaari meng & mathew mead

did it get better? you ask. why, yes it did. i met some really incredible ladies. one of which, felt so bad for my crazy~ness, she was compelled to offer me a right to and fro, because she was a loca! i mean a local.
yes, she did. she fostered me for the next 2 days, and i became her morning stowaway!

anyway. in the romper room, i see...


my sister from another mister! she just won my heart from the first day. she is just the sweeetest piece of southern pie. shelley and jemilla travel by car together from oklahoma city.

and, i see

i hear this woman can definitely "shomit"!!! luv ya jemilla! can't wait to see y'all in cali!
french general here we come!!!

and last, i see


ok. seriously. does micha look like she would be from arkansas? i mean, not that there aren't artsy people in arkansas. but, if i saw micha in the streets of arkansas, i would think that girl lost her way to la or ny. she just looks like a big city girl {in a bigger population, you know what i mean?} anyway, she lives close to the 4~arty {40}. can u believe that?

micha, bring the fam out to la. we'll host ya! you have to come out to one of kim caldwell's events! yay!

like, no way!!!

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JemJam said...

Priscilla! Hey, I did not, did not shomit! That was the husband. I miss you!