Friday, April 13, 2012

wine cellar chronicles
i am in love with the idea of what imagery pinterest has allowed my mind! i had to dedicate one of my boards to a lost but never forgotten memory in my life, our beautiful wine bar that allowed us so many amazing memories of people, places, and most important our love of wine!!!!
ever since we had our wine shop, i have always wanted to go mobile. being that every one lives busy lives...i wanted to do wine tasting inside our customers homes. as a pharmaceutical rep, it wasn't always easy to get some of my clients to our wine bar. every time they would ask about "wine picks" i always had a great choice, but no matter what, they needed to taste it! so, to go from the oc (aka orange county, ca), to the ie (aka inland empire, ca), was for the most part, out of the question.
it was because of this business venture my husband and i did, that we decided that we wouldn't let the failure of our business and everything we lost, to leave us with the fear of never starting a business again. although, we decided that wine, and everything that comes along with the business wasn't what we wanted to do again! but....because of the love of people we encountered while running our business, is what we were craving yet again. combining the people idea, going mobile, and love for out latin culture, we have decided to try our chances at another business!!!!
after we closed our beautiful wine store, we're still huge wine buffs with a dream of continuing our knowledge of wine and owning a wine cellar again one day. however, instead of selling the wine, we want to collect and store it, to eventually entertain with it! we'd like to keep it as a hobby that we can share.
we, were always excited about latinos in the wine business, and we loved following their success. we had the privileged of staying at the ceja winery while we took our napa tour of vitners. this was probably our fondest memories of our napa trip. the ceja family was so hospitable in allowing us to stay on the property in their guest bedroom!!!
they cooked us dinner and paired every plate with their wine, the stories of the plantation, and the amazing harvesting.
now, we make sure, ceja sits at our dinner table, every chance we get!