Saturday, October 01, 2011

once upon a dream...

12 more days and i will be in north carolina with all of my kindred spirited crafting women!
yahooo! i can't wait to enjoy jennifer hayslip's event:
i'm so excited because not only am i going to attend this event...i am also going to be a vendor! yahoooo! i can't wait to share my pictures with u all! so stay tuned because, i can't wait to share all my fav pix. it's going to be fun! fun! fun!
for those of u who are going to be missing this event, shhhh, i have a secret. there is going to be another event coming up that u just can't miss! kim caldwell is going to be putting on another star studded event in may next year.
affaire at tiffany's

omg! i'm smitten by the theme. keep checking her website and her blog for the updates!  i can't wait for the teaching line~up and projects! i think it's going to be ridiculous!
save up! because this is going to be amazing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mary engelbreit

memories of the mary engelbreit home companion workshops! one year l8r.
i'm loving the collaging technique i figured out. i can add so many fun photos to one event and share!!! so cool! needless to say, at this event  i met so many awesome men and women. well, hehe there was only one man, mathew mead! but bottom line, i met some fun women.
i thought it would add a nice touch to my collage if i named all the people i met while crafting in the stl! although it was a mary engelbreit event, there was still a sense of intimacy with the women who where there!
i had a great time....except for the tornado that touch down not to far from my hotel room.
there's alot of weather that goes on in the mid west, & the south! i know i'm a california spoiled brat. so when they say take cover and hide in your tub...i'm thinking, there is no way i'm going to spend the rest of my time sleeping in no tub!
although i don't have a picture of her, another girlfriend i met at the event is the lovely dee foust. i had to take this picture from mr. mead's website. hehe
 she's going to be teaching ay jennifer hayslip's event in north carolina, in october.i'm excited for her, and to take part in this event! let's see what adventures north carolina will bring?

although, i'm not a huge baseball freak, this venue was pretty cool! 
the cardinals busch stadium in st louis missouri.
i made this collage for my son. he's not a big baseball fan but he does love that i'm traveled.

Monday, September 05, 2011

still enjoying the pasteures...

of the devine paso robles, ca
even though we don't have the wine bar anymore, wine still stays very close to our hearts. i mean, don't get me wrong, do i miss the wine bar. no! do i miss all the amazing people we met, and there incredible stories, absolutely!
one other thing that i didn't think i'd miss, that i think about all the time is, all the events with the wine makers, and entertainers. bringing joy to the people of the community, bringing different wine regions to people that had never been out of the inland empire. educating them on wine etiquette, vintage, varietals, and pairings. those are the things that i think about....especially after seeing victor talk to some of our old winemaker friends.
{yup! in that picture at the top right is good old justin, the original
owner of justin winery. he has since sold the winery to the owners of fiji water.
since in the next 3 years he'll be obsolete,
i asked him to sign my poster}
the experience alone, in hind side, was worth everything we lost! why do i say that? because when victor and i married, it was to be together,sharing quality time and raising a family. those 2 years of the business, we were married to the business. our family suffered, mainly the children, because, it took every ounce in our body to keep that baby alive and thriving!!! we couldn't afford a full~time helper, so we had to visit dad at the bar. he was there 6 days a week. with the way the economy was suffering, especially in our area, i didn't see no light at the end of that tunnel. if the borders bookstore next to us was suffering, a brick and mortar shop was definitely going down! we hadn't been open long enough to get a huge clientele base to withstand what the economy was doing.
{morro bay, ca ~ shark bait, bruuuhhh haha!

after our beautiful stay at the summerwood inn, we decided to check out the rest of the ca coast, especially, morro bay! we love watching animal planet's shark week. and every year, morro bay is mentioned because of the blue whale migration, and the great white sharks!!! so, victor and i decided... let's go see what this area is all about! although, we didn't take the tour out into the ocean to see the whales because victor wanted the kids with us. we ask some of the people that came of the tour boat if they had seen anything? and yes, they had some great picture of the blue, next time we head up with the kids, that will be on the top of our list of things to do!
i fell in love with everything about this beautiful quaint town! my for us to retire here some day!
besos y amor!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

laguna beach

here are a few of our favorite shots from our family vacation.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happppppy Anniversary!

we made it! 13 years!
so to celebrate, we went to the coast of southern california~ laguna beach!!!
the montage resort.
everything about our stay was awesome for us and the kids. they accommodated it all! 

 this was breakfast at the loft
then of course it was off for the spa treatment

 steam room! i'm melting, i'm melting....what a world! what world!!!
 sauna....eeeh! i felt like i was in arizona by the river!
for 13 was just the rejuvenation we needed!!! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011


...i can not believe that almost 17 years later, i am seeing myself outside of myself again!!!
i remember when i was invited to the premiere of dangerous minds starring michelle pfifer. i was in the other actors class not the main class but...when i was sitting in the audience watching the movie, i almost crawled underneath my seat when my scene came on! i just couldn't believe that there i was...watching myself. it was the weirdest feeling! i remember my mom being so proud of this moment! when she saw that i had sank into my seat...all i remember her doing was moving her lips....whah!whah!...!!!
when i finally came back to reality, i could hear her say, why are you doing that? get up! and i jumped back up in my seat to watch the movie again. LOL! then i came on again....whooop! right back down i went.
this was that moment...only 15 years later. see that my son is so proud of this moment...and that he's the one who took on our family's creative side, makes me blush.
anyway...this is the article that "creat with me" published. and it's such an honor.
if this art piece could talk!!! boy o'boy....

{To be continued}

Saturday, April 09, 2011

create with me...

ian and i are officially going to be published artist! a dream come true for this boy and i. as u can see, he is always in the studio either watching, learning, or just giving his input. has all paid off because....

we are going to be published in a new stampington magazine called "create with Me" that will be hitting newsstands SSSOOO SOOOON!

we made "The Emerald City" out of everything recycled. it was a joy to make. hopefully u enjoy the publication just as much we enjoyed, creating, and painting!!!


Sunday, April 03, 2011

the weighted issue....

it's so the story of my life! aaarrrrgh! it's so the story of my life the battle with...

really, my relationship with food, is just so different than my lil’ itty bitty friends that surround my being. I say yes to dessert…they pass. I say yes to rice…they pass. I say yes to bread… how the hell they pass on that is just beyond my freak’en imagination. because let me tell you. I can name my favorite restaurants…not by the food on the menu, but the bread that they serve prior to the entrĂ©e, or even the drinks! Seriously, i am a total bread freak!!!

My top choices for feeding my fat @$$:

~ red lobster cheese bread….wow!

~ geezers. Not a chain…it’s located in santa fe springs, ca. they sourdough basket with the bomb bruchetta. It’ll reck any one’s diet.

shrimp cocktail @ mastro's
~ mastro’s steakhouse. That basket is the best with any wine on the menu

~ cat n the custard cup. Another non-chain located in la habra, ca. wow! The hot basket of bread melts in your mouth with the room temperature butter that comes out ready to spread. And with their wine list….i can go there to that restaurant just for that. Really? Oh yeah!

last but not least,

~ the hobbit. Non-chain located in orange, ca gets you with a double whammie! darn it! In the basement they have this homemade croissant bread with cheese and ham…ridiculous. Every appetizer in that basement has nothing on this flat sandwich that sits at the back of the basement on top of the good ol’ barrel. Mmmmm! Delicious!

infamous rosette butter @ the hobbit! wow!
 Then, you go to sit down, and here come the bread biscuits….and the frick’en flowered butter. I know you can see me lickn’ my lips waiting for that hot biscuit to just sit on my bread plate ready to be sliced and bbbuuutered!

Yup…I have bread issues.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

travelin' in style...

this is how i like to walk down the airport.....luvn' the louis!

this isn't me...but i know with alot of hard work and dedication.....i'm going to be flaunting the LV on my next travels. but until then...this is the mental notes as i'm walking , or running, down the airport terminals.

Friday, March 18, 2011

cookin'? it is just not my style...

Most of my friends know, I am just not a cook.
 But, I do try recipes, every now and again. and this receipt for rice krispy treats was no exception to my successful repertoire. Not!.
sooo sad....we're already off to a bad start.

Hence, it is for this reason my @$$ doesn’t cook often. The say people have a gift for cooking. Those people would be my mother and my husband. They are the 2 aries in my kitchen world. And when it comes to the kitchen, they both rule the roost.
awwwww! not the look i was going for
Let’s just be honest, when it come to chicken noodle soup…there’s nothing like mom’s chicken noodle soup for the sick soul.
 And when the grandkids are calling grandma, for her chicken noodle soup, whether I am sick or not….i am there at the table with bells on. Even my husbands smiles while he’s stuffing his face at the dinner table.

Aaaahhh, there’s nothing like chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with 7up on the side!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day