Friday, March 18, 2011

cookin'? it is just not my style...

Most of my friends know, I am just not a cook.
 But, I do try recipes, every now and again. and this receipt for rice krispy treats was no exception to my successful repertoire. Not!.
sooo sad....we're already off to a bad start.

Hence, it is for this reason my @$$ doesn’t cook often. The say people have a gift for cooking. Those people would be my mother and my husband. They are the 2 aries in my kitchen world. And when it comes to the kitchen, they both rule the roost.
awwwww! not the look i was going for
Let’s just be honest, when it come to chicken noodle soup…there’s nothing like mom’s chicken noodle soup for the sick soul.
 And when the grandkids are calling grandma, for her chicken noodle soup, whether I am sick or not….i am there at the table with bells on. Even my husbands smiles while he’s stuffing his face at the dinner table.

Aaaahhh, there’s nothing like chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup with 7up on the side!

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