Monday, September 05, 2011

still enjoying the pasteures...

of the devine paso robles, ca
even though we don't have the wine bar anymore, wine still stays very close to our hearts. i mean, don't get me wrong, do i miss the wine bar. no! do i miss all the amazing people we met, and there incredible stories, absolutely!
one other thing that i didn't think i'd miss, that i think about all the time is, all the events with the wine makers, and entertainers. bringing joy to the people of the community, bringing different wine regions to people that had never been out of the inland empire. educating them on wine etiquette, vintage, varietals, and pairings. those are the things that i think about....especially after seeing victor talk to some of our old winemaker friends.
{yup! in that picture at the top right is good old justin, the original
owner of justin winery. he has since sold the winery to the owners of fiji water.
since in the next 3 years he'll be obsolete,
i asked him to sign my poster}
the experience alone, in hind side, was worth everything we lost! why do i say that? because when victor and i married, it was to be together,sharing quality time and raising a family. those 2 years of the business, we were married to the business. our family suffered, mainly the children, because, it took every ounce in our body to keep that baby alive and thriving!!! we couldn't afford a full~time helper, so we had to visit dad at the bar. he was there 6 days a week. with the way the economy was suffering, especially in our area, i didn't see no light at the end of that tunnel. if the borders bookstore next to us was suffering, a brick and mortar shop was definitely going down! we hadn't been open long enough to get a huge clientele base to withstand what the economy was doing.
{morro bay, ca ~ shark bait, bruuuhhh haha!

after our beautiful stay at the summerwood inn, we decided to check out the rest of the ca coast, especially, morro bay! we love watching animal planet's shark week. and every year, morro bay is mentioned because of the blue whale migration, and the great white sharks!!! so, victor and i decided... let's go see what this area is all about! although, we didn't take the tour out into the ocean to see the whales because victor wanted the kids with us. we ask some of the people that came of the tour boat if they had seen anything? and yes, they had some great picture of the blue, next time we head up with the kids, that will be on the top of our list of things to do!
i fell in love with everything about this beautiful quaint town! my for us to retire here some day!
besos y amor!

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