Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mary engelbreit

memories of the mary engelbreit home companion workshops! one year l8r.
i'm loving the collaging technique i figured out. i can add so many fun photos to one event and share!!! so cool! needless to say, at this event  i met so many awesome men and women. well, hehe there was only one man, mathew mead! but bottom line, i met some fun women.
i thought it would add a nice touch to my collage if i named all the people i met while crafting in the stl! although it was a mary engelbreit event, there was still a sense of intimacy with the women who where there!
i had a great time....except for the tornado that touch down not to far from my hotel room.
there's alot of weather that goes on in the mid west, & the south! i know i'm a california spoiled brat. so when they say take cover and hide in your tub...i'm thinking, there is no way i'm going to spend the rest of my time sleeping in no tub!
although i don't have a picture of her, another girlfriend i met at the event is the lovely dee foust. i had to take this picture from mr. mead's website. hehe
 she's going to be teaching ay jennifer hayslip's event in north carolina, in october.i'm excited for her, and to take part in this event! let's see what adventures north carolina will bring?

although, i'm not a huge baseball freak, this venue was pretty cool! 
the cardinals busch stadium in st louis missouri.
i made this collage for my son. he's not a big baseball fan but he does love that i'm traveled.

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