Sunday, October 31, 2010

You've Lost that Blogging Feeln'!

OMG! Does anyone have a cure for the creative blues? It's been 1 month that I either can't find inspiration, to craft, to write, or draw. I'm in the creative funk...
We have finally moved into a new lil' house in the OC, I put my studio together in our garage. It looks so tantalizing! I sit in my studio, organizing, putting stuff away, shuffling things back & forth...&.....nada!
I've visited the shop that is housing my Vintage Bruja line of handmade goodies, &...unfortunately, the adorable lil' store in Norco, Ca is getting no foot traffic what~so~ever!
So...what do u do for the creative blues? I can hear Dory from Nemo telling me, "just keep swimming, swimming...." and I'm treading, treading!
Well....hopefully, I can get it together & make some things happen!

Wish me luck...bruja!


kathie said...

Hey Priscilla--hang in there! Your fabulous creativity will come back, so be gentle with yourself.

In My Blue Room said...

Priscilla I use reverse psycology sometimes. Tell myself I "CANT" make anything. That I am forbidden from creating, and somehow that yearning returns.

Alos it seems that real life can beat the craft out of me so its probably just adjusting to your move.

it will pass...just dont make anything or think about making anything and it will come to you

priscilla cerda said...

My art teachers always say to continue to work through this time. You have to work through the creative block and evenually something will happen. You can't just sit around expecting something to fall in your lap wont work ;) I've gotta say it works for me...this is your niece by the way on ur blog responding to blog post...hahah <3 ya Just keep working and brainstorming.