Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gasping for air…

…wanting to breathe.

something just told me...just go to sleep. U are getting so sleepy…u are so tired!

but i just kept fighting it! "no i'm not tired i have to finish my crafting!"
no! wake up! read the manual!

So, the other day I decided to become creative woman! Mariasela signed us up for a craft fair! Well there I go to Wal-Mart with my son, in tow..off to the camping section we go!
oh! Look, there are the heaters, a catalytic heater, that hubby was talking about. I'm not too sure about this, but, being that he doesn't want me to overspend, I'll just buy it! I'd rather just buy an electric fan heater, but nooo! Hubby always says that I am alpha female and I never just trust his lead.
So there I go! I buy the catalytic Coleman heater and 2 propane tanks. Luckily, I had passed the electric heaters, noticed the small one for $10, and thought, "let me get this just in case i'm not feelin' the Coleman…I'll have my mini back up."
2.5 hrs into my creative time, with my daughter to my right, working on her cervical cancer research paper & talking my ear off about high school… I get this funky lil' cough. I'm crafting in our garage, with my catalytic heater and electrical heater just going while my creative juices are flowing and my son comes around the corner and says, "Dad! What's that smell?" hubby says, "it's the metal on moms new heater. Once the heater burns through, it should go away!" Right after that, hubby kisses my daughter and I, says, "goodnight". My son says," I'm going to bed with u dad. Mom, can you wake me up when u come to bed, and then I'll go into my room."
"Ok buddy." Off they go!
My daughter and I, we are just chit chatting away, for about another hour when all of a sudden, I am hit with this ferocious need to close my eyes and go to sleep. Now, it's close to midnight, and we're all on vacation, except for hubby. Since I had been crafting all day I thought, man! I'm exhausted. I nod off, and wake up again, and this thought in my head said, read the manual on this propane heater, and see just what it says about home use of a propane heater, in an enclosed garage.
And then again, as I'm crafting, my head keeps nodding off. in my unconsciousness I keep telling myself finish! Finish ur craft, then go to bed!
i wake up and feel this weird gurgling in my chest…and this annoying feeling to cough. As I am flipping through the 1st 2 pages of the catalytic heaters manual, I read that, "propane gas is heavier than oxygen and that it can cause suffocation if used in an enclosed room without enough circulation". I look around, I'm in the garage with no windows and the doors shut! I look at savannah, and ask savannah, "do u smell something that I don't."
"no mom stop being so paranoid!" Typical teenager, oblivious to her surroundings, and I'm a paranoid parent. So, I read on, other symptoms are nausea, light headedness, anorexia…wait! that one is ok…dizziness, etc. etc. etc. I knew it! I knew I shouldn't have bought this crap for the garage, but noooo! Hubby thinks I just want to spend money, blah! Blah! BLAH! so I turn off the catalytic Coleman heater, and try to keep crafting when all of a sudden savannah goes from 100 miles an hour , talking my ear off to…" mom I just can't keep my eyes open anymore."
I said, "me too let's turn in."
We wake up the next morning, I feel so exhausted …we can't eat, light headed, and keep getting this mini migraine headache off and on.

"Yup! U guessit? I had carbon monoxide poisoning!"

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