Monday, December 13, 2010

she can't, can't.... on to the moulin rouge!

isn't that just some b*({$#!+ right there!
i mean, seriously...i'm kind of bumbed out by this! however, so much has transpired in 2010, that, if u were here, in my world...there would be no s#!+$, and giggles!
life happens, and no matter how prepared u think u are....curve ball! swing!
u strike out!
and being that i am not invincible... i was hit on my head.
mom, swears that she is going to hit the lotto one of these days. i have been waiting since 1983 for her to hit! she strikes out too.
why does she bounce back? i think it's because she a dreamer... and she keeps her dream alive!
well, mom...i am going to follow in these footsteps. i am going to click my heels twice... and as soon as the moulin rouge approaches, i am going to say," there's no place like kim's home! there's no place like kim's home!"
and by some miracle...i think... i might just be there come march!
wish me luck...witch!

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