Sunday, February 07, 2010

cerda~fied superheroes... the rescue!!!
i almost forgot to show you this years christmas card!

i received a comment from a reader, and that's when i realized, i did not unveil this years family photo opt.

so this year, my son, mr ian, decided to throw a wrench in the family christmas card and tell me last minute that he wanted to be a ninja.
huh! "rrrragy"?

yah! so, mind you, since last year i have been planning what our christmas cards were going to be and characters the family was going to "rock". mr ian and dad, were suppose to be batman and robin.
waugh,waugh, waugh.
of course, what was i thinking? mr ian has an imagination of his own. the problem is, we're so much alike, but we're never on the same page. so i thought, how the heck am i going to spin this new non~american hero into the mix.
american hero meets
oh! yah, i got it, american super heroes versus the japanese villan. so we made ian the "disney like model" of a villan.
our christmas card was born.
enjoy & besos!xoxoxoox

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Susie Scott said...

Hi Pricilla,
My name is Susie Scott and I have been trying to find you (I think)
I believe I met you at the Glitterfest show in Santa Ana in May and you purchased a print from me.
It was of the Little Queen.
Anyway could you please contact me and let me know. I would appreciate it very much.
my e-mail is
Thanks so much,
Susie Scott
Susie Scott Studios and
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