Thursday, February 04, 2010

chateu montelena

est in 1882. this winery is historic because they produced the first chardonnay in 1976, june 7, 1976 to be exact, to win 1st place in the judgement of paris tasting, putting california in the forefront of the wine world!!

for the the here

one of our favorite movies "bottle shock", featured this historic winery! how could we not see where all the magic happened for napa, ca.

let me tell you, it definitely lived up to its expectation. these pictures where taken a year ago, this month; and today,.....we just cracked open the bottle, and let me tell you, mmm, mmmm!

it was delicioso!

for a california chardonnay, there was some oaky~ness to her, but for sure, the stainless steel barrels really allowed for this chardonnay to shine on the dinner table tonight.

taco thursday with chateau montelena was an absolute hit!

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