Tuesday, February 09, 2010

sally jean the soldering queen

off i go...... to meet the soldering queen in san diego, ca
{photo courtesy of camille scheewe}

i am so excited to meet this woman, that........ i get lost & make a scene, by showing up late to my first class!

mostly everyone @ work wouldn't find this as surprising, because i'm the girl that walks into the meeting, while my "regional" manager is talking about job security and the ceo of my company says, "priscilla, glad you can make it"!

definitely, not a proud moment in my sales career, but one the ceo never let's me live down, every meeting!

so, yes, i am that girl!

here's a sneak peak @ what the class was about.

in these classes sometimes, when u need to be creative, the juices flow and then they don't.

sometimes you feel like a nut & sometimes you don't.

this class, it's so hard to not be inspired and want to learn more & more, & more. if finances weren't an issue right now, i'd be going to at least 1 more sally class that is coming up. but instead, i went on amazon and bought this book!

and so far, it has lived up to the expectation of her class. i'm glad i purchased the book after meeting her because.... i can actually hear her voice walking me through the steps in her sally voice, mannerism, anal~isms and gestures!

i love when habits rub off on me & just happen through a few hours of osmosis.

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Mermaid Queen said...

Isn't Sally a cutie? I took a class from her a few months ago too, and had a great time. We made Christmas ornaments. Glad you had a fun time too. That necklace looks beautiful.
Take care,