Thursday, October 15, 2009

paperdoll swap

so i joined a paperdoll swap at kim caldwell's autumn event. i met the nicest hostess danielle muller of vintage dragonfly studio's in new york! { i think it's new york...well, ok the east coast} she was such a sweetheart. i think my personality was eating her alive, but...i thought she was a sweetheart.

anyway, i was so excited because i knew going into the swap, that miss breanna had soldered these beautiful paperdolls, but they were 3d. as soon as i had seen her, the doll, i prayed for her. i wanted something that beautiful in my living room. it was so awesome, because it was just the power of the lord and prayer, because i received her that day. she walked right into my hands as i approached the exchanging of paperdolls. i screamed inside, "i prayed for you lil' girl". i just had to take a picture of her as she sits in my living room, next to my princess diane paperdoll! it was so cool.

any way, danielle is hosting another paperdoll swap through her blog, the vintage dragonfly, so check it out! i guarantee, u'll find joy in making something nice for others.

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