Wednesday, September 09, 2009

tim burton themed ornament

2 weeks and counting......!

i am hosting a time burton themed ornament swap events at kim caldwell's artistic affair
event in l.a.! i feel so priveledged to host an event that had one of the highest enrollments. i was so nervous that i would put this idea together and no one sign up....but, it has proven to be a hit! and in the spirits of my favorite holiday, halloween, {eek}! .....
we had 13 women sign up!!! {scream} !

this just set the tone for this swap that had me sqweeling with excitement. this weekend i finished my ornaments and packaged them up. so u get a sneak peek @ the finished product!
my choice for the ornament is none other than:
the madhatter from 2010 alice in wonderland.
isn't johnny depp the best?


olga's midlife madness said...

Hi Sweetheart
Your mask/ornament/Paperdoll are too die - I won't be surprise if they save them in a special cabinet. Do you think? I can't wait to go downtown to buy my lace and a little fabric - Money is short. My heart will always beat cuz your my pump.

Candice Carpenter said...

omg...that mad hatter!!!!! awesome is an understatement.