Tuesday, September 01, 2009

dude! i'm going.....

i was just browsing kaari meng's website and saw this ad for a workshop she was teaching. i clicked on the link and BAM! i was so inspired. especially by the artwork for this event. 3 women laughing while crafting.....seriously! how could i pass this up. it totally matches my motto :

"...because everyday is an occasion for crafting, laughing, wine-ing and dining!"

i waited and waited for sept 1st to arrive, so that i could register, and, and, .... i just couldn't contain myself!!!

i told myself, i said, "self, you missed out on the trip to paris with kaari because of a passport. can you miss this? {thinking...jumped to another blog...read....haha!} heellll no!" i went back to the website, and i signed up for the email notification.

email notification...yah right. PPSSH! i was counting the days until i could register. it was almost as bad as me waiting for my fav issue of somerset magazines. i can't wait to get home and crack open that puppie and go right into my imagination.

i luv it! and,....i can't wait! dude! i'm going

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