Saturday, September 12, 2009

la maison rustique

mariasella and i headed up to la maison rustique for their monthly sale at the barn. and as always linda is sooo welcomeing! i am not going to lie...i had every intention of shopping, but it was so hot, i couldn't concentrate. i walked away with a t~shirt from sherry @ glamerella junk.

there was a gypsy trailer that i wanted to take a picture of, but i was debilitated from the heat! i did not come home with the pictures, darn it! but the vendor heidi, was just so cute. the trailer has an a.c. in it, but i couldn't just hang out in there and monopolize the trailer! seriously.

we also met tricia samsal from vintage bliss. tricia is also going to be at glitterfest. mariasella and i decided that next month for the sale, we were going to have her head up a beeswaxing class to seal our art stuff! i thought...i am going to bring the wine and cheese and we are going to have a girls night out at:

la maison rustique

oct 9 @ 6pm.

$50 a person

so mark your calendars and head up to temecula, for a buzz'n girls night out. i think it's $50 a person, but all we do is come out. she will provide everything for us! i am excited! i love this group of women. seriously.....they are so fun! plus...hehehe, there is so much shopping to do!

well, tata my little pretties. oct 9th mark your calendars and hang out with the real woman of wine country!

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

One of these days I am going to make a special trip form AZ to attend Sherry's sale !!!