Monday, August 17, 2009

creating with comic relief!

the time has come for me to venture into blog land on my own, and how scary is this!

i use to write for my husband business, winestyles, and the old blog was "the winestyles chronicles" or once we closed that buisness, the blog had to go with it. the blog had served it's purpose.

about 6 years ago, i was running the standup comedy circuit with some of my buddies, i thought that setting up this blog, would be fun and an exciting way for me to share some funny stories, drawings, and everything inspiring that i, as and artist, enjoy!
well, life and all of its journey's with its twists and turns didn't allow me to enjoy the blog for it's true intention at the time. but everything happens for a reason!
as an artist, reinventing yourself is not an easy task, but in business, it's what you do, everyday. so, instead, i decided that because i love to create and craft, plus, my business & my favorite thing in the world to do is make people laugh...why not share in it all, and give you all a glimpse of me!
back in college, i decided to pledge a sorority! yep! i am a sister from another mr. but, it was so intense. it was like i almost needed a full semester just to get through it all! anyway, our pledge class had to give each other nicknames. so we sit in a sisterhood circle, and hash out our differences {kinda'} and poof! you come out with a nickname that your sisters remember you by. hence the name "comic relief"
no one knew, flash forward 7 years after graduating college that, a star was born, "comic relief" and i had made it to the "big time" with my little nick name.

A "Comic Relief"

starring funny girl

Priscilla Cerda

i was running the comedy circuit, opening shows {10 min act}, at the hollywood improv, little hole in the wall joints in la, and the san gabriel valley. life was good! i was making no money and i was starting my circuit at 9pm until 3am, every other night. then, i did my show at the ontario improv, and that's when i blew up as a comedic star! i was on the road to making my dream of acting come true. i was hitting the ground running until i realized that i had a husband and 2 kids waiting for me at home every day, and that i was being selfish towards my family. reality set in. comedy was not going to bring me money right away, just allot of fame! was it worth sacrificing my family...nope! so the journey ended. besides, i had a degree, bills were coming in faster than i could keep track, and i was working my but off for free! this is not why i paid so much money to get my BA! i had to figure out a way, to make money, lots of money, and still enjoy making people laugh. so, i set out on a mission to help support my family and pay my college bills.
whether you're here with me or not, i'm imagining some of my life situations will have you going through some funny moments with me on the www.
so with that said welcome all that have accepted my invitation to read what i create, like stories of laughter, and life's journey of motherhood, wifehood, and last "pseudo" sisterhood.

let me welcome you to my newly created vaudeville web show:
creating with "comic relief"

because crafting is fun when you are amongst a bunch of friends laughing and doing the same things you all enjoy! {sometimes drinking wine, too}

tata my pretties

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