Saturday, August 22, 2009

it's almost time....

i get so excited for these women bonding events that kim caldwell puts on! it's the one chance i get to be with women that understand the beauty of handmade crafts. so in the spirit of the event, these are just a few funny things i have put together and the artist that taught me the craft that have been my most fav!

~this was from our very first event...a joxeus affair. by far the most intense teach was ms debbie shuh. if you couldn't keep up with her pace, you were left in the dust!

{~my heirloom house vignettes} amy hanna

{~my mosaic box~} taught by the mosaic queen michelle legler.

{my payprus chandaleir } taught by kristen

{~mi milagro~} this class was taught by teresa mc faden

i can't wait for the event.

TC my lil pretties...and ur lil dogs too.

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Mosaic*Queen said...

I likey~likey!!! :-)
So nice to hear from you girlfriend!!! Sorry to hear about your wine bar. I LOVE wine!!!
Take care and keep in touch!